Checking Accounts

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We offer a variety of Checking Accounts to suit everyone' s needs!  As an added bonus, if you maintain a Checking Account with Red Wing Credit Union will also be entitled to a .25% discount on all consumer loans.

Don't forget to sign up for your Visa Check Card!

Classic Checking

  • No minimum balance
  • Unlimited checks
  • Overdraft protection available

Premier Checking

  • $500 minimum balance (Penalties apply for balances less than $500)
  • Unlimited checks
  • Higher rate of interest paid
  • Overdraft protection available

Direct Deposit Checking

  • No minimum balance
  • Unlimited checks
  • Interest bearing
  • Overdraft protection available

Golden Checking

  • Available to members age 55 and over
  • No minimum balance
  • Unlimited checks
  • Overdraft protection available

Money Market Account

Want a high-dividend rate without a long-term commitment? Try a Money Market Account. You can make unlimited deposits, and up to three withdrawals or cleared checks each month, all with a minimum balance of $2500.00.

Find an ATM
Use our Accel/Exchange ATM Locator to find a list of convenient ATMs. Be sure to check the No SUR! surcharge-free option checkbox at right.

Direct Deposit Saves Time

We're a nation on the go. There's work time, fitness time, child time, spouse time, parent time, friend time, and - if you' re lucky - some quiet time. Wouldn' t it be nice to worry about one less thing? Try direct deposit.

With direct deposit, you authorize your employer or federal agency, like the Social Security Administration, to deposit your check directly into your Red Wing Credit Union account so you can count on access to funds without visiting the credit union. Instead of a check, you receive a paper record showing the net deposit and how much was withheld for taxes, savings plans, or any other withheld amounts.

And direct deposit isn't just for paychecks. If you' re receiving Social Security checks, the Red Wing Credit Union or a local or regional Social Security office can easily switch you to direct deposit. The Internal Revenue Service is also getting into the act. Direct deposit now delivers tax refunds to accounts of both electronic and non-electronic tax filers. 

No matter where your check' s coming from, direct deposit takes the worry out of:

  • Stolen or misplaced checks. 
    The Treasury Department reports that more than a million mailed Social Security and government pension checks are lost, stolen, or late every year. And, more than four million paychecks are lost or stolen each year.
  • Delayed deposits.
    Your funds are deposited regularly, and on time. You get paid even if you' re not at work on payday, or can' t make it to the credit union during regular business hours.
  • Losing potential dividends. 
    With direct deposit you earn dividends on funds as soon as possible. If you have to deposit funds in person, any delay postpones when your money starts making money.
  • Lost time.
    One estimate says direct deposit can save up to 24 hours a year otherwise spent going to the credit union to cash or deposit your paycheck.
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