VISA Debit Cards USE EMV Chips

Yet another reason to get checking with Red Wing Credit Union! Our checking plans have fewer fees and better interest opportunities than most of our competitors, and our free debit cards carry an embedded EMV Chip for greater protection against fraud.

The EMV Chip is an embedded microchip that works to keep hackers from stealing your data.

FAQs about EMV Chip Cards

  1. What makes the chip card better?
    The embedded microchip works by creating a unique transaction code for each transaction you make. The code can't be used a second time making counterfeiting a card really difficult.
  2. Where can I use my chip card?
    You can use it anywhere you normally would. If the terminal is chip-enabled, use that feature as described above. If it's not chip-enabled, just swipe your card as you are used to.
  3. Will I still have to sign or enter a PIN for my card transaction?
    In most cases, yes. If you usually sign or enter your PIN for a transaction right now, you will still have to going forward. This is because the chip protects your card. Signing your name or entering your PIN proves that you are you and not someone masquerading as you.
  4. What is my PIN?
    Since your card is a replacement card, your PIN is the same. If you don't know your PIN you may retrieve one or modify your existing PIN by calling 1-800-757-9848.
  5. How does EMV deal with payment Fraud?
    The microchip embedded in your card carries personalized security credentials that are unique to our card. Because the credentials are housed within the chip and inaccessible to unauthorized parties, they are able to help prevent card skimming and cloning, common ways that magnetic stripe cards are replicated and used for fraud.
  6. How can I be sure that a transaction isn't fraudulent?
    You know the 3-digit number on the back of your card used for online transactions. Well, your card's microchip is programmed to scramble that number at every transaction, so that your three-digit number is never the same for different transactions. That prevent thieves from being able to steal your card information, because it changes every time.

We're proud of our card offerings. As always, we remain committed to great member service!


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